about jen

Since 1990 when Jennifer created her first standing sculpture out of a cedar trunk and a piece of copper piping, she has been hooked on the process of making simple art from found objects and industrial materials. Working mainly with driftwood, copper and fishing line, she creates kinetic sculpture that captures the often surprising effect of shadow, movement, and light. Bringing together unique elements such as tag sale detritus, acrylic sheets, and electrical wiring, her work captures the human condition in one form, or a functional, funky coffee table that glows in the dark in another.

Her work in physical therapy, fitness and yoga is often reflected in the human forms which take shape.  Her love of the ocean and all things springing from nature are also represented.  The work reflects her unique female experience, including those of violence, abuse, and religious conflict, while also capturing a certain sensual whimsy.  

“For me, creating is a spiritual process. When I start a new piece the inspiration usually comes from the energy and emotion of a life experience and the work unfolds during the process of creating. I love to watch what happens when constructing a mobile as the pieces move to create new shapes and shadows which subliminally add meaning to the piece.”  

Jennifer is a self-taught artist creating sculpture for over 30 years. Her work has been collected over the years by private collectors, but this is the first time she has dedicated her time and energy to creating work for the public. 

She has a studio and gallery in Torrington, Connecticut.